Student Council

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Salem High School
Student Council

What is the role of the student council?

The student council has various roles, such as organizing school projects & activities.
Overall, the student council aims to make positive changes
that benefit the students, school, and community.

What are the benefits of a student council?

There are many benefits of a student council. For example, student council
promotes citizenship, scholarship and leadership skills.

What makes a strong student council?

A strong student council is one that includes students who have good grades and are
positive role models. Additionally, effective communication and teamwork skills
between student council members make student council strong.

A student council is a group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor
to collaborate with others to impact their school community, which impacts
their town, which impacts our state, which impacts our country, which 
impacts the world in a positive way.

SHS Student Council Projects & Activities

- Operating the new RAM CORNER STORE (afterschool)
- Fundraisers for school projects (the New RAM Mascot)
- Spirit Week & Homecoming Activities & Events
- Candy Grams (Halloween, Christmas & Valentine's Day)
- Annual 12 Days of Christmas Video Production
- Magic of Christmas Parade Float
- Community Vendor Fair (kids activities & concessions)
- Community Dodgeball Tournament (youth & adult divisions)
- Teacher Appreciation Week Activities & Celebrations
- Annual SHS T-Shirt Blanket Raffle
- Main Hallway Bulletin Board postings
- Community Clean-ups
...and more!