College Board: Advanced Placement

AP AP Exams will be modified and include content that should have been covered early in the school year. According to the College Board, the exam will be taken at home, 45 minutes in length, free response question(s) with no multiple-choice questions, and it will be open-note.  

All information about the exams will be posted on the College Board website by April 3.  This includes what content will be included on the exam and what the exam format will be. 

College Board is also providing daily, online lessons for every AP course to review content that will appear on the AP exam.  

Students may also choose to not take the AP exam this year given the circumstances.  Any test fees already paid will be reimbursed. 

Please check the College Board page regularly for updates from the College Board and to access resources to help prepare you for the AP tests. 

  • AP is providing free, daily, online learning lessons for every AP course.    

  • Traditional, face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. Students may take a 45-minute, online, free-response exam at home.   

  • Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while the content is still fresh. Other students may want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be two different testing dates.   

  • The full exam schedule; specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing details will be available by April 3. Free-response questions in AP Classroom will be available so students can access all practice questions (the type that will appear on the exam).   

  • If students need help with accessible mobile tools or connectivity, they can reach out here. 

  • While the modified AP exams will occur and students are encouraged to participate, students and families should make informed decisions.  

Reflection could include: 

  • Using the AP-provided resources as practice and consulting with the AP teacher.  

  • Consider all of the options:  testing on the first date, testing on the second date, or choosing not to test.  

  • Determine the benefits of taking the modified AP exam format this year.  

  • Prioritizing which AP exams are most likely to waive college credits (each college/university has different AP credit policies).