Technology Enhanced Learning


Demonstrate overall knowledge and integration of material studied in class and from the texts, use one of the following and demonstrate/report results:

  • write a report
  • do a photo essay
  • compile a scrapbook
  • build a model
  • put on a live demonstration
  • do a statistical chart
  • keep a journal
  • record interviews
  • design a mural
  • develop a simulation
  • set up an experiment
  • do a mind-map
  • engage in a debate
  • produce a videotape
  • develop a musical
  • choreograph a dance
  • create a rap or song
  • one of your own design
    And some additional ideas: 
    • Write and Illustrate an eBook
    • Draw or Paint a Picture
    • Make Comic Strip
    • Do an Animation
    • Create a Data Visualization
    • Create a  “Media” Presentation 
    • (must include at least two different types of media – photo, images, audio)
    • Keep a Blog
    • Make a Game
    • Make a Timeline
    • Make a Google Earth Trip
    • Make an Online Quiz
    • Compose a Musical Composition
    • Make an Audio-Media Message
    • Create an Infographic
    • Make a Book Trailer
    • Create a Stop Motion Animation
    • Create a Technology Enhanced Scavenger Hunt
    • Create a Mobile App
    • Organize and Film Flash Mob Performance
    • Build a Project in a 3D Virtual Environment

    You could present your project to the class. Allow up to 15 minutes.  Grading criterion may include:

    • Neatness and Professionalism- clean, professionally presented, easy to view, free of grammatical and spelling errors
    • Integration of Class Content – demonstrates an integration and understanding of class content and your research findings.
    • Quality of Content – the content demonstrates mastery and insights into the subject matter.
    • Creativity and Insight – Materials demonstrate creativity and insight about self and course material.

    With multiple choices in ways to demonstrate your knowledge, the evidence of your learning is more accurate. You actually become the expert through the learning process. This assessment isn’t just a fancy term for a presentation at the end of a unit. To actually engage in an authentic celebration is to witness a true display of understanding.

    Technology provides additional ways and opportunities to differentiate instruction based on content, interest, and ability.  Choice menus give you the opportunity to self-select activities that are best suited to your interests and ability.  The result is an engaged and motivated learner with resultant products that when shared in the classroom have personalized and passionate characteristics.

    Options that are technology-enhanced include:

    Create a Series of Word Clouds

    Wordle –

    ABCyaWord Cloud –



    Write and Illustrate an eBook

    Storyjumper –

    Storybird –

    Make Comic Strip

    Make Beliefs Comix –

    ToonDo –

    Do an Animation

    GoAnimate –

    Scratch –

    Doink – (needto be 13 years old or older)

    Xtranormal – (needto be 13 years old or older)

    Create a Data Visualization

    Create a Graph  –

    Create a  “Media” Presentation 

    Prezi –

    Glogster –

    Animoto –
    Render Forest -

    Keep a Blog

    Kidblog –

    Edublog –

    Make a Game

    Game Mechanic –

    Sharendipity –

    Make a Timeline

    Timetoast –

    Make a Google Earth Trip

    Download Google Earth –

    Make an Online Quiz

    Quiz Revolution-

    Compose a Musical Composition

    Audacity –

    Make an Audio-Media Message

    VoiceThread –

    Blabberize –

    Woices –

    Voki –

    Create an Infographic

    Teaching WithInfographics | Places to Start =

    Seeing the Future! A Guide to Visual Communication

    Make a Book Trailer

    How to Make a BookTrailer –

    Book Trailers – Moviesfor Literacy Examples –

    Create a Stop Motion Animation

    Claymation and StopMotion in the Classroom

    The ClayAnimator –

    Create a Technology Enhanced Scavenger Hunt

    QR Code Scavenger HuntExample –